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Home, Office, & Building Plumbing Services
Your daily routine starts in the bathroom - Cavinder Mechanical keeps your routine moving along with the comfort, convenience, and confidence a well-plumbed bathroom can provide.
Install & Repair
Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems
Running Toilet
Shower & Faucet Leaks
Broken & Failing Fixtures
Corrosion & Mineral Buildup
Water Temperature Fluctuations
Poor Water Pressure
Clogged Drains
Bathroom Remodeling - Toilets, Faucets, Bathtubs, Showers
Cavinder fixed a damaged pipe at our home and their guys were friendly, professional, and did excellent work...would recommend to anyone needed plumbing or HVAC work done! Thanks!
A. P.


Home, Office, & Building Plumbing Services
Life revolves around the kitchen - at home and at work. You can count on Cavinder to keep your kitchen plumbing operating with timely maintenance and repair.
Install & Repair
Garbage Disposals
Water Filtration
Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems
Poor Water Pressure
Leaking Faucet
Busted Sprayer
Dead & Jammed Garbage Disposal
Dishwasher Mineral Buildup
Burst Pipes
Foul Smell From Drains
Mike and his crew do great work. I know I can depend on them for my plumbing issues to be done right the first time.
P. R.
Kitchen Remodeling - Sinks, Faucets, Garbage Disposal, Dishwashers, Refrigerator, Water Filtration

Sewers & Wells

Home, Office, & Building Plumbing Services
Wastewater and drainage has to go somewhere. Cavinder installs and services sewers, septic systems, and a variety of drains.
Install & Repair
Sewer Lines
Septic Tanks
Storm Drains
Common Sewer & Well Problems
Stoppages & Clogs
Dead Well Pump
Roots & Mineral Buildup
Sewers, Wells, Storm Drains, Septic Tanks
They were able to meet me the day I called for a minor "emergency." They fixed the issue and were prompt and very friendly. I would recommend your services to others.
A. B.

Water Heaters

Home, Office, & Building Plumbing Services
After your heating and air conditioning system, not much else in your home consumes more energy than your water heater. And unlike your heating & air conditioning systems which only run seasonally, your water heater needs to work flawlessly every single day of the year.
We have decades of experience with tankless technology and can help you decide if a high efficiency tank or a tankless gas heater would be best for your application.
Water Heater Installation and Repair
New Water Heaters
Featured Water Heater
AeroTherm Heat Pump Water Heater
The AeroTherm utilizes both heat-pump technology and back-up electric heating elements to heat water. This integrated system helps to drive the AeroTherm's economical and efficient operation. During heat pump operation' a fan draws heat from the air into a compressor and evaporator to heat refrigerant. Once heated' the refrigerant travels through a coil that fully surrounds the water storage tank. Heat is directly transferred to the water in the tank.
AeroTherm Series Smart Control Panel
50- and 80-gallon capacities
Up to 3.39 Energy Factor
Designed for indoor installation
Four operating modes
Quiet Operation
High Efficiency Water Heaters
High-Efficiency tank water heaters are a reliable and economic choice for heating water in smaller homes. Newer models have a much faster recovery time than older systems. Save on time and money with a tank system!
Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it - even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless units revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience.
Considerations for Water Heater Installation
The power supply or gas-line you currently have in your house
The space occupied by the appliances
The level of usage (for few individuals or a larger group)

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To achieve that new look with the functionality you can expect, call Cavinder Mechanical for the plumbing. We provide plumbing services for remodeling purposes. Up to code and done right.
Remodeling Plumbing Services

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